Count T stage this season’s hottest shoe replica bag 12 constellations most girls buy what?

After the official end of the four major fashion weeks, the girls began a new round of hand chop shop, look no shopping guide but not as a love bag love shoes, such as life woman in addition to fashion course, the most concerned about is what is wrong with this season fashionable replica handbags heels, these big accessories single product will soon become the preferred concave shape street Oh, the constellation will be edited together, as you recommend the most suitable one that can not only eye-catching fashion can carve transport Lucky, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the luck to start with it.

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Aries 3.21-4.19

Keywords: frank, warm

Suitable Bags: Coach, Fendi

Aries girls enthusiasm, outspoken, and as a zodiac sign of spring, always vibrant, full of passion. So this season Coach replica bag is very suitable, simple and practical package, playful prints absolutely say your mind; Fendi this season has introduced several hot It bag, bag models released This time, with irregular stripes eye-catching colors, vibrant without publicity, middle Aries girls preferences.

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Taurus 4.20-5.20

Key words: longing for the good things, relatively conservative

Suitable Bags: Tod’s, Tory Burch

Package shall Taurus born pragmatic, longing for the good things in their favorite bag is chic and no shortage of practical degree, so large capacity, simple and smooth lines, color and other characteristics particularly wild pet. In Tod’s show, Wave neutral color stitching mouth package not only very three-dimensional sense of beauty, but also highlights the usefulness of the bag; this season retro feel full of Tory Burch bags to American casual elegance and women just the right combination, I believe Both bags in terms of appearance or functionality can make Taurus satisfaction.

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Gemini 5.21-6.21

Keywords: multiple personality, smooth and slick

Suitable bags: Loewe, Moschino

Multiple personality Gemini girl is always elusive, so often identified preferences is amazing, really cheerful and outgoing they have a childlike innocence, fun things like natural and immediate Funny and stylish new best suited to them. Loewe launched in this season ornament owl bag, hung around the neck very interesting compelling; influx of people are fanatical pursuit of Moschino jacket package also introduced a new model, presumably twin girls have been itching it.

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Cancer 6.22-7.22

Keywords: sincere and delicate

Suitable bags: Christian Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo

Cancer gentle like things naturally full of delicate flavor, great texture of suede with elegant pearl powder, Dior replica bag, yet the atmosphere both romantic tenderness woman, who is perfect for crab; various sweet colors Salvatore Ferragamo bag collision happened reflects Cancer girl’s mind, can brighten any outfit.

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Leo 7.23-8.22

Keywords: vivid colors and moving, positive

Suitable bags: Christian Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo

Lions girls love all bling bling a single product, they are the same as sunflowers, vivid colors and moving. So show floor this season Shining love their bags must be good heart, Louis Vuitton mini fringed bag or if the release of the golden light of the Saint Laurent heart-shaped package is a good choice.

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Virgo 8.23-9.22

Keywords: the pursuit of perfection

Suitable Bags: Bottega Veneta

Suitable footwear: Stella McCartney

Virgo can be regarded as a true perfectionist, of course, they have to pursue all the most beautiful things, so Bottega Veneta bag is really too much for them, filling the low-key luxury, practical and beautiful and still amazing; and modern known fashion sense this season Stella McCartney launched a pointed white shoes, simple wild, it was no longer picky Virgo.

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Libra 9.23-10.23

Keywords: elegant temperament, innate good aesthetic force

Suitable Bags: Miu Miu, Chanel

Do not think that only the beauty of Virgo, Libra is also tied for first, naturally it has a good aesthetic force, of course, gallant, fine detail, a single product to match with. Classical ornate season people love Miu Miu, printed with colorful printed handbags chain is in line scales girl elegance; reproduction of the classic Chanel 2.55 has a more fashionable attitude debut, Libra girls demanding very satisfied.

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Scorpio 10.24-11.22

Keywords: mysterious sexy

Suitable bags: Burberry, Céline

High school Cold Scorpio man of mystery, but Scorpio will find the bones of sexy and feminine live a long time after this season Burberry replica bag with Céline although ostensibly clear sky but savor the great taste, no matter it is equipped with all the texture, style or details and Scorpio.

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Sagittarius 11.23-12.21

Keywords: Free enthusiasm, like exotic

Suitable bags: Prada

Suitable footwear: Givenchy

Like clear favorite shooter girl uninhibited freedom exotic wind, and in the Fashion Week this season playing the exotic in the case of two brands Prada and Givenchy, which is especially recommended in the case of Prada’s new super mini bag jewelry, inspiration depending on the diary form, clever as a necklace with between neck is very eye-catching; and Egyptian-themed Givenchy also typical elements into every single product, these bags and shoes are the grass in silence it.

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Capricorn 12.22-1.19

Keywords: rational and pragmatic

Suitable bags: Michael Kors

Suitable footwear: Marni

Capricorn rational nature will not blindly shopping for them is the most important pragmatic, Michael Kors bag smooth lines, not only wild and more practical; bare gray Marni pointed shoes though simple shape but without losing individuality , small round with very eye-catching, practical and features.

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Aquarius 1.20-2.18

Key words: not by common sense out the card, maverick

Suitable bag: Gucci, Balenciaga

The most common brand is not natural to choose those maverick Aquarius single product, such as this season is also playing a literary classic Gucci Graffiti Logo, dark bag accompanied by eye-catching slogans, there is enough range of children; or Balenciaga This time the launch of the bag, colorful colors and sizes on Taylor.

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Pisces 2.19-3.20

Key words: passionate romantic, visionary

Suitable Bags: Dolce & Gabbana

Suitable footwear: Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino

For the general public, such as a small dream girl Pisces single product best suited to those with a fairy tale and romantic and sentimental, the first thought is Dolce & Gabbana, gorgeous and soft, various precious stones, embroidery and shiny elements converging fake bags uk and shoes perfect show a Pisces male lift side; also launched in the quarter, or Valentino satin high heels, Fenfen and tender, as if in a fairy tale-like charming fairy shoes.